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October Newsletter- Basketball

Jaden Springer

Jaden Springer is off to an exciting start at the onset of his second season in the NBA. During the Preseason, Jaden played in all four of the Philadelphia 76ers' games. His most notable performance was on October 3rd, when Jaden played 16 minutes, and contributed 2 rebounds, 1 assist, and 7 points to the 76ers' victory over the Nets 127-108. Most recently, on October 24, Jaden saw time at home against the Pacers, playing 2 minutes, and putting up 2 rebounds and 1 point. With so much of the regular season left to play, Jaden can only expect to see more opportunities. 




RJ Nembhard

RJ Nembhard saw great playing time during the Cleveland Cavaliers Preseason, averaging 12 minutes, 1.25 assists, 1.25 rebounds, and 2.5 points. Particularly, on October 14 against the Orlando Magic, RJ had 3 assists, 2 rebounds, and put up 7 points. RJ put in a great deal of effort in the offseason, focusing on consistency and ballhandling. RJ's hard work and focus on development only support his game in the long-run. 



Jordan McRae

In September, Jordan McRae joined the Eurobasket team H.Tel-Aviv for the 2022-23 Season. Playing on 10/11 in London, and 10/19 in Paris, Jordan averaged 26 minutes, 11.5 points, 1.5 rebounds, and 1.5 assists. Jordan and Hapoel Tel-Aviv made it to the Winner Cup on October 23rd, and although it was a hard fought loss in overtime for the team, Jordan put up a strong 17 points. Jordan is a hard-working, experienced player who only proves again and again why he should be on the court. 


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